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June 25, 2021

Our Story

My name is Saumya and I’m the founder of True and You. I, like many of you, aspire to look and feel great in my natural skin. That means I take care of my health, my diet, my lifestyle and of course my skin. But lately, I found that keeping up with the new skincare trends, products, ingredients and the highly popularized multi-step routines began to feel more like a full time job. On top of that, despite following these trends and routines, I failed to see a difference in my skin.

I realized that using 10 to 12 products everyday was not only wasteful, but also unnecessary and began to wonder if custom skincare could be the answer to my question. After all, our skin is as unique as our fingerprint, yet we still continue to use mass produced products and hope to see results tailored for our skin needs. This was the beginning of True and You.

 In 2019, I began my research on custom skincare and skincare ingredients in general. I talked to any and every one who could help shed some light on it - to me it felt only natural to use custom products yet there was nothing in the market of that sort. I talked to beauty experts, professors, chemists, skincare formulators across the world to understand if custom skincare could be created and if that could really simplify skincare. After endless research and countless meetings, I finally found a research lab who was willing to do some product development on this, and test out the feasibility of custom skincare. And best of all, they were in Canada!

 So began the first product development of our Custom Mask. While a mask may not seem like the skincare essential to some, we found that a mask works wonders on delivering essential nutrients to your skin within minutes (it's actually one of the most effective skin care products)!

Due to our limited budget at the time (all of the research and testing was funded by my own savings), we felt that developing a custom mask would be a great first step as that would give you the results you seek without having to switch up everything in your routine.

After two years of extensive R&D and testing, I am beyond excited to share this mask with you. Not only is it packed with powerful natural ingredients, it's also made in Canada and is customized for your skin!

Here are some pictures of our initial samples

But this is definitely not all, our goal is to replace the multitude of products you’re currently using for your skin with a couple, purposefully developed custom products that will give your skin exactly what it needs - nothing more, nothing less. 

Thanks for taking the time to read through our story so far, this is only the beginning and I am grateful to be able to share my journey with you.

- Saumya

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