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Five steps for better skin

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Five steps for better skin

Better skin isn't always the result of expensive products and elaborate skincare routines. In this blog post, we are sharing 5 easy steps that you can implement in your daily routine to get better and healthier skin!

1) Hydrate.

No surprises here. Water is essential to flush out toxins from our body and keep our skin healthy and glowing. We recommend having at least 2L of water every day, or half your body weight in ounces.

2) Eat right.

When it comes to skin, what you feed your body is almost as important as what you put outside. Having a diet that includes fruits and vegetables will ensure your skin gets the nutrition it needs to stay healthy.

3) Rest.

Quality sleep is essential for our mind and body. When we sleep, our skin's repair mechanism swings into action, regenerating our skin and blood cells. Anywhere between 7-9hrs of sleep daily is ideal.

4) Exercise.

Regular exercise helps improve blood circulation through which we get essential nutrients to our skin. This keeps our skin healthy, promotes collagen production, and promotes new skin cells.  

5) Cleanse.

Our skin is exposed to bacteria, dirt, and other pollutants on a daily basis. On top of that, dead skin cells also tend to accumulate on it and so, cleaning it regularly is essential to keep it looking fresh. We recommend washing your face with a gentle cleanser twice daily.

Follow these simple steps to have healthy-looking skin, regardless of your age, gender or skin type.

Have questions about these or any steps that you would like to share? simply comment below or email us at!

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