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Our Story

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Our Story

Hi, I'm Saumya, the founder and CEO of True and You. Today I want to share my story with you…

True and You evolved out of a need to simplify my own skincare routine. Even though my skin is in pretty good condition, I found myself using 7-10 skincare products daily, to ensure it looks fresh and hydrated! 

I reached a point where I was beginning to get frustrated with multiple steps and conflicting information around ingredients. Choosing the right product for my skin, one that would go perfectly with my other skincare products- became a time-consuming exercise. But, things really started to shape up when I traveled to Europe with a single carry on bag, 1/3 of which was full of skincare products! That's when I realized I had to find a solution to this problem.

To ensure our skin gets everything it needs to look its best, we have no choice but to use multiple products. This got me thinking, what if we were able to create custom skin care that would cater to multiple skin concerns? 

With this in mind, I started doing research and talking to scientists/industry experts to understand the science behind skincare. My research reinforced my beliefs regarding the need for a more simplified skincare solution, but it also helped me understand the importance of creating an eco-conscious product. I learned that most of the skincare products that are in market today are made with harsh chemicals and fillers to provide color, fragrance, and certain consistency to the product. But in doing so, they compromise on our health and our environment. Majority of these chemicals do not degrade easily, and most of them have been linked with serious health concerns. 

So when I began looking for a production lab that could help bring this product to life, it was extremely important for me to ensure that they were on the same page, when it comes to formulating the product. In fact, what we have created is so specialized that it took me over 70 meetings with different skin care formulators to find the right partner!

With months of brainstorming meetings, R&D trials, product testing etc. our first product is ready to launch soon!  Due to COVID-19 disruptions, we have been forced to delay our launch but rest assured we are working very hard to launch this year :)

P.S: If you made it this far, thank you for your support! I can’t wait for you to try our products.

Till then, please make sure to follow our progress on instagram and sign up for our email alerts, so you can get notified of our launch.

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