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True Muse #4: Jing-Well

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True Muse #4: Jing-Well
1. Tell us about Jing-Well.

Jing Well is an accessible portal for everyone to get their hands on traditional potent remedies & products of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that have proven time and time again to heal and enhance our overall quality of life. They're on a mission to empower people to move beyond stress through natural and holistic remedies like their Stress-less powder to live a more balanced lifestyle. They are all about supporting and engaging with like minded women to create and grow together at a broader scale

2. Can you tell us a bit about your journey as an entrepreneur? What inspired you to start Jing Well?

I initially got exposure to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) through my husband who has a TCM background. I quickly came to realize that a lot of my favorite  remedies and healing methods are inaccessible to the general public. Having a commerce background myself  and wanting to share all that I and everybody around me has experienced with TCM, Jing Well was born.  I’ve worked with experts to bring traditional wisdom to our daily lives. And so that’s how our first product, Stress-less came to life.

3. What does your typical day look like?

I wake up every morning to a glass of lemon water (sometimes add a bit of ginger). Quickly, skimm over my email to see if there is any urgent matters I need to get to. Do my gua sha facial routine, it really helps me wakeup and feel like I’m ready for the day. Either do a yoga or at home exercise (depending on the day). Head to the kitchen, prepare and eat my breakfast and morning elixir. I try to stick with a hot elixir in the morning, nut milks and herbs, matcha, or our stress-less powder to really set me for a grounded day ahead. I would then begin to prioritize my day by making a list of all the stuff I want to accomplish for that day. As we are still extremely small, my schedule consists of preparing shipment orders for that day, social media materials or anything else that I need to do for that day. During the middle of the day, I eat my lunch, go for a walk, spend time with my husband or family and am on and off my laptop all day answering emails etc. Honestly, sometimes I find myself working until 10-11PM, although I try to to end my “work day” at 10PM most days, but when you work for yourself, it’s not always possible.  My bedtime routine includes of my nightly meditation, facial gua sha and prayers.  

4. Tell us more about Stress-Less.

With only 3 organic potent herbs, Linden Flower, Licorice, & Peppermint, it’s a clean herbal powder that you can use in your foods and beverages to bring you serenity. Simply mix into you smoothies, warm Plant milks or anything else your heart desires and feel the goodness kick in. With stress less, you can take a blank canvas, and reshape your relationship with your mental, physical, and emotional being. It has proven its efficacy through Health Canada Licensing as a natural health product. Usually users feel calm in 20 minutes and you can take one a day. 

5. Any advice for someone looking to start their own business?

Maintain a growth mindset. Let’s face it, it is NOT easy starting OR continuing to run your own business. But what has kept me going is my growth mindset, I have practiced to not let a failure or mistake put me down (develop from them instead), or if it’s something that i don’t know to prevent me from learning it and reaching it (it’s not about the talent or intelligence you have, it’s about figuring out how to do it and keeping at it). If we embody a growth mindset, challenges spur us on, and our efforts are the path to thriving. A definite must  read is the book: “Mindset-a new psychology of success” by Carol Dweck.

6. What’s the best piece of advice you received? 

The best piece of advice I received was not limiting my sales channels to only one platform. This especially came through during COVID times, as our retail and corporate reaches slowed, we still had our online to rely on.

7. Where can people find you? 

Stress-Less is currently retailed at Greenhouse Juice, The Goods, The Breakfast Pantry, Flux and Fire, TheWellnssRefinery, Sam and Lance, and Nicous  and we also largely focus on our e-commerce sales. Make sure to follow us on our instagram, @livejingwell for the latest TCM tip of the day, community series, recipes, and more…

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