Why choose cruelty-free products

Why choose cruelty-free products

The beauty industry is no stranger to animal testing...chances are, most of the makeup, skincare and/or personal care products you own are all widely tested on animals. 

Why do they do it? Because often when working with a new ingredient or a formula, companies need to conduct further testing to ensure its safety before they can sell it in the market. 

But animal testing is cruel, unethical and unnecessary. We never have and never will test our products on animals. 

Animals, like humans, experience a wide range of emotions, including fear and pain. In a lab, many unpleasant and painful tests are performed on animals - such as testing for irritation, side-effects, lethal dosage etc. and they are not provided any pain relief during these tests. If you try to put yourself (or your pet) in their shoes, it's easy to understand how cruel and unethical these practices really are.

Add to that is the fact that these are unnecessary. If a company chooses to, they can easily avoid animal testing by using ingredients that have a long standing history and have been acredited as safe for use, such that they don’t need further testing. Furthermore, modern technology has helped us develop alternative and effective ways of testing that do not involve animals. A quick google search shows that at least 50 non-animal tests are available today, and many are in development.

At True and You, we believe that no animal should ever be harmed in the name of skincare (or any other industry for that matter!). 

There is no doubt that we are moving in the right direction and that awareness around animal testing is increasing. As a consumer, the most powerful thing you can do is voice your concerns and join the cruelty-free movement by only shopping at cruelty-free brands as much as possible.

PS: if you want to learn more about animal testing, here are some resources you can read:

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